He's Darvin so Darvin Moon here. Boy, does he love a hot dog. The town started out in eighteen thirty. The Gorini, a post office, is the site where it goes down. So he's, like, pretty safe to me. Oh no don't. And that's what happened there. So now fuck you, you just messed up there. March twenty fifth eighty eight. I don't know. OK, now her mother, Rosalee, heard her daughter say, mom, I have to go. Yeah but like Bhau Plmi now so like a fluffier muehler people are going for a main of a mullet rew. So he's got different things that he does, good grades, everything like that. If arriving at the Western Regional Jail and Correctional Facility from the east (areas such as Charleston, South Charleston and other areas): Use I-64 west. I picture her like Daisy do. Well, let's dig him back up again. He's the one that moved from PR to Florida, I think. So it's nineteen seventy five as modern times even even though I wasn't born yet. So some connection started to happen. I walk out and now you're walking into the grocery store without your uniform on what the hell is happening. Real well. That just lasts a while. And I said my reaction was bewilderment. Going on agenda Semino, Michael Bowman, Erica Ortiz, John Birt, beNot, Zach Beeld, Tom Gillis, Myles Hubert Bruce. Describe it. Well, yeah, it's the school's stop in eighth grade. He called posing as a very serious doctor, by the way, not a prank call now seeking information on anal sex and anal stimulation. And a guy said that a donkey came over the hill with the two kids on it smack on the ass. That was a pageant winner. Twenty two coming at you, brother. So I don't know what's on page is one seventy seven one seventy eight of the new our bodies ourselves. Listen. Nice car. Different sects. Who knows. He challenges the conclusions that they made, asserting that it was an error to allow Agent Lynch to testify that bloodstains found at the trailer could have come from Kathy Ford. It's not hard. That was when, you know, baseball was just starting over here in 1867. I imagine it was very hard on him at the time, a "double whammy" to lose his girlfriend without a trace and also to discover that she was not faithful to him in their relationship. The prosecutor said that there's a lot of unique DNA, unique facts in this situation because they're trying him for murder with no body. Would anyone know where I could locate any news paper articles? Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman, Donate at: patreon.com/crimeinsports or go to paypal.com & use our email: crimeinsports@gmail.com. Who knows? Don't just run away. Friggin creepy is shit friggin creepy. Amanda Yoshiki. It slows down. Yeah. Please give me the list of the people. Well Election Day four eighty five. Yeah, family's looking. She goes places. If they're already out, then that's it. I can't imagine this is the procedure in a city or anywhere with more than a hundred twenty people. You were organized and you passed the same guy twice over and over and over, is working at the grocery store. Wayne Reynolds. So the real southern boy, he's an athlete. 29. You love to go to West Virginia? Pizza people. Yeah. Basically, how many rescues are they making out that somebody floated a Jacuzzi? So Right. Cathy Ford was working in her parents Diner, 'The Old Mill Restaurant' at 1pm of February 17th when she received a phone call from an individual claiming to be a local magistrate that informed her the local sheriffs department was clamping down on local businesses selling alcohol to minors. The recipes she can throw fucking. You're saying one charge charge we. Daisy Duke top comes off that fucking bronc. The rent for 3+ bedrooms is normally $750-$999/month including utilities. But I don't believe Cathy or her body has ever been found. That's a blood enzyme. We know that. Right. What's happening there. OK, so you've heard of Panhandle's in Florida and other places. Like, these people are horrible. What the fuck? Ferrell became the focal point of the investigation after the discovery of the car. And seventeen percent. It didn't work very well. I test drove it. Not for sure. People are on the ground. There was somebody who came forward and said a year before that Kathy had come to them and said that she was afraid of her boyfriend, Darvin and blah, blah, blah. Really doesn't tell me. Everybody is a twin. There's a lot of suspicion around here. This week, in Gormania, West Virginia, a young woman runs out the door, after receiving a mysterious phone call, never to be seen again. One man was a calm, rational individual and another one. He said, quote, He has a hell of a good personality and he would do anything for a person. 1866-1882 Records, 1866-1882 (*); Clerk of the County Court at FamilySearch Catalog index and images. Some of the hottest neighborhoods near Gormania, WV are Suncrest , South Park , Mileground , First Ward , Downtown Morgantown . What an agnostic. Paul Amale. Because it happened a lot to you. So this guy said he had a six month investigation revealing two witnesses who now claim they were intimidated by prosecutors. Who's a student at Allegheny Allegheny Community College. That's admitted into trial. But I mean he could have wo I imagine how many women he could look at it. So we had no reason not to hire the fucking guy. They feel like they can get the inside dope from. I'll tell you about it later. Why call them and tell them she's all right? I was afraid to go CLO's, afraid of what I might find. So they they're letting him investigate as well, even though he has been on the job less than three weeks. You know what there is to steal, really. When you got three brothers is a if you know any, any women who were the only girl in a bunch of brothers. How has the UFC not used that? Everybody worked. And he said about Paul, quote, He never questioned me, but I understood he was working. She seems to care about school and things and working out a plan. Louis Garcia Dylan Lahey's Sarus SRAW Sinna House. But I'm forty seven right. It's my ex-girlfriend. And there's the car burned out seventy five yards from his house. Well, yeah, obviously up to that point, everybody in town has been a suspect. He said he found it himself, obviously, and didn't tell anyone. The head came clean off. Okay. That's always good. It looks like I draw children here so I can take them apart. So she wanted to see me. And he says, quote, It was a phone sex type thing to me. It's not even a presidential year. Some of them are like they're like 17 year old kids that work in a bookstore and they're like, oh, a doctor call. "The only real debate here is the number," Farrell said, noting that earlier in the trial, a witness for the defense had evaluated that . But I'm not going to lose money because you're an idiot. Thirty one years old. Zip Code 26720 Map. I said, I have an uneasy feeling about you going to meet with this person. Oh, boy. God damn it, I'm sending you money. A rumor. It's HULKA mania, but engorgement Gore Ghorbanifar say it's Guamanians. Nineteen eighty eight. I remember your dick to me. It's weird. He was just one of those John Douglas and mine Hunter talks about the wannabe cop type is a serial killer archetype. I don't know. And the location of the vehicle itself is very remote. I'm sorry. Thank you, everybody, for joining us this week. And somebody else going, oh, hey, you're out here to do so. It's supposed to be back in an hour. So the same day she disappeared, Cathy, two other women received telephone calls from a man saying they were a magistrate. That's where it ends. But if you like the episode, please let us know about it. He was the basketball star in high school and then he went off to the Army and he was a military police are we're lucky to have them. That's crazy. Her family really depended on her. But it gets weirder. Paul Farrell knows all about it. Right. Right. Browse our public records directory to see Richard Kohnke's contact info, age, cell phone number, email address, social media He said, you know, he they just he said he was a nice guy. That guy that saw chicks heads off here and threw the bodies in the in the house. Could get a dime bag for a dime. You go around and apparently they do it here because, I don't know, it's the middle of goddamn nowhere. At least it'd be funny, you know what I mean? So anyway, March 20th is when they arrest him. It's pretty good. It's fine. Oh, so he did do four years of training in the service. They want to separate him. Ferrell's trial started on January 25, 1989. What's it going to hurt anybody. Ariel Childress. He said right now it doesn't look good for Paul. Another problem is even though the other one was the problem, right? Select this result to view Paul Kevin Lewis's phone number, address, and more. So they're still looking for Cathy, though, and they're still they found blood, but they don't know what it is. You just don't know. How the hell he does it. Yeah, he was 20. So the reaction to this, as you might imagine, people are like, what the fuck? No last name. Who are they, Jimmy? He's called after what I just said because bookstores and libraries posing as a doctor. The woods near where her car was located was recenty logged, there are no trees left. They said that a kidnapping has not been committed. . OK, well, then produce Kathy. Well, they said December of eighty nine. As of the 2010 census, Gorman's population was 106. They're in color. Yeah. It's still home with Dottie back. Yeah, yeah. So her boyfriend, Darvin Moon, he works at the inn at a saw mill and Gorman. Citations Copy Citations. Whereas I'm talking like your regular picture that like Mom would have taken pictures of the kids. It's a hard thing to do in a small town in nineteen eighty eight. So this isn't the results of the polygraph. So they all said, you know, oh, we love them. That's why my feelings are that's what my feelings are to. Thank you. So do that. Her body has never been found and no one had ever seen her with Ferrell. Hundreds of healthy, seasonal, whole food recipes that you and your family will love He's a cop guy. Let's be realistic here. So inside the trailer, they look because they're like, that's pretty close. Paul Ferrell: Paul Ferrell lived in Gormania, West Virginia which lay just across the Potomac from Gorman. OK. Oh my God I'm a fuckin mess man. OK, what do you think. And. Didn't make it that way. So he comes under fire. I think this is one place and one place only gore for a our brother that's coming. And I don't like that any women or anybody got buried somewhere who knows what this fucking guy did. Go to shutupandgivememurder.com for all things Small Town Murder & Crime In Sports! There are so many things that go on around a crazy murder in rural West Virginia that are hilarious. And I thought her voice was rather slurred. Oh. Yeah, the fucking floor. Yeah, that's a deep puddle. As a member of the team you will drive . Alicia Alicia Ribhi. Yeah, you know, I have your test results. Since Ferrells release many in the Gorman community have supported his claims of innocence, pointing to the possibility the car was moved and that the blood evidence only indicated someone related to Cathy Ford and not Cathy herself as possible clues to a stitch-up by someone else in the area. Hey, indeed, Jimmy. He has no ideas and he's been cooking everything on a frying pan so badly. Twenty five hundred for the car. They don't want it to be flammable. So they worked West Virginia in the hills. You know, that's a that's a red ball.